Thursday, January 1, 2009

Classic Itailian Form

The inspiration for this vase came from classic Italian metal forms that I found on the internet. All the pieces had groves cut into the surfaces to add unity and interest. I've done the same with this piece by putting grooves below the lip and lower half of the vase body.

The foot on this vase was thrown apart from the body and later attached.

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  1. Hi Mark, I like this piece you did. Have you considered designing a set of dishes and coffee mugs to go with it? Maybe you could name it "Cottage". Pewters & natural/neutral colors have been hot for a few years now. See arte-italica... very high end. I'm a decorator in the Dallas, TX area and In-Detail at the World Trade Center carries it. I like the look of this piece and it would not have to be designed with pewter but thought you'd like to see the arte-italic line if you aren't familar with it.

    Here's another website with pewter.